Destiny Card Reports

Get your Destiny Cards & Love Card readings to unlock the power of your birthday and life path with the secret wisdom encoded within the 52 card playing deck for thousands of years!

Hidden within the common playing card deck is precise cosmic information based on numerology and astrology said to have been passed down through the Order of the Magi from Atlantis to Ancient Chaldean, Egyptian, and Greek societies and now revealed..


A deck of cards is a complete and ancient calendar and oracle:

  • There are 52 cards & 52 weeks of the year.
  • There are 4 suits & 4 seasons.
  • There are 13 cards in a suit & 13 weeks in a season.
  • Adding up all the face values of the cards with 11, 12, and 13 as the Jack, Queen, and King equals 364 – the number of days in the year with the Joker as 1/4 day to make the complete year.

Your birthday is one of the 52 cards (except December 31st – who is the Joker and a wild card) and it reveals incredible detail about your personality, relationships, work, past, present, and future.


The Individual Destiny Report contains incredible information about who you are and your experiences, lessons, and gifts in this life. This is a report of what is coming up for you for your next year, birthday to birthday


RELATIONSHIP REPORT – Love, Friendship or Business

A relationship report for two individuals including each person’s unique cards and the influences and factors in the combined relationship. Get insight into love attractions, compatibility, lessons, karma, past lives, and more. Discover your love cards to gain greater awareness into the workings of your relationships.

Specify if your report is for a romantic relationship, friendship or business partnership.

The cards are incredibly accurate and revealing.

Your private reports are emailed to you and can be viewed online, shared, and printed.

Destiny Report – $24.95

Relationship Report – $24.95 (Love, Friendship or Business)

*Please allow 24 hours for your report to be created and emailed to you.

What is needed to order a report?

1. Report Type – Destiny -OR- Relationship (for Relationship please choose type: Love, Friendship or Business)
2. Your birth date (birth time if known) including the year
3. Your partner’s birth date (birth time if known) including the year

4.Your name and partner’s name, if applicable

Please enter the above information into the comments section of the checkout cart, or email Adrienne with this information.

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