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“Hi Adrienne, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how grateful I am for speaking with you.  Your readings and coaching always put me at ease.  It must get annoying that I keep reaching out to you, but your style and presense always allows me to feel much better. I really do hope the predictions you mentioned pan out.  Patience is always a difficult one. I’m still licking my wounds from my blowout with Nick over the weekend, still hurting and still trying to figure things out.  I will do my best to remember what you told me and work to on myself for now.  You are the spiritual sherpa I’ve been looking for.  Thank you.”

– Linda

“Thank you so much for your reading! I recommended you to a bunch of my friends, one of them told me they called you, they were shocked and pleased with your reading. You’re great.”

“Thanks for a wonderful reading today. I really felt a sense of peace come over me while I talking to you. You are truly gifted!!! I will call you again real soon.”

– Danielle Atlanta, Ga

“Thank you Adrienne for today, you have relieved my mind about certain situations, would love to hear what my ancestors are saying and about the other issues also.”

– Ginny, Memphis, Tenn.

” Thank you Adrienne, it has relieved my mind that I will see this other person in a week and he still feels loyal to me. I know with him I need to take it slowly and steady since he has been hurt. Adrienne is amazing way beyond 6 stars. I like how she doesn’t get messages from tarot and relies on her own abilities.”

– Anne, Sacramento, Cal.

“Adrienne gets to the point and has a great sense of humor and very accurate.”

– Scott, Washington DC

“Adrienne is a truly gifted psychic, her intuitive skills and ability to tell you the truth are amazing.  She gives you an honest answer into your situation and also gives clarity were there is confusion.  I have spoken to many psychics in my life, but none with the abilities of Adrienne.  That is why I exclusively use her whenever I have issues in personal life whether they be romantic, business or financial.”

-Angel, Atlanta, Ga.

“Had my reading with Adrienne 6 months ago and everything came true. I was doubtful at first.”

-Amanda, Birmingham, Al.

“I spoke with Adrienne 2/1/2013! She was very kind and took time to speak with me on short notice! She was amazingly accurate about relationship and detailed to the point she knew he spoke with an accent. That was amazing to me! She is truly gifted, I recommend her, and I will follow up with her soon! Thanks again Adrienne!

Tamika, Chicago, Ill.

“Adrienne was spot on with my love life. I knew I needed to leave him but I just needed some clarification and Adrienne made it crystal clear. Adrienne is also a Certified Life Coach.”

-Desiree, Cumming, Ga.

“Adrienne was very truthful with me about whether I was going to move out of town or not and what to expect at my new location and lifestyle change. She gave me some peace about all the new beginnings and why they are meant to be.”

-Ginger,Cumming, Ga

“Adrienne has helped my so much on an ongoing basis. She has been there through think and then. She predicted my job loss when I told her no way but it did come true. Now I am at a new job and much happier.”

-Maria, metro Atlanta

“Adrienne is awesome. She has an amazing ability to connect with my ex boyfriend, lover and husband. She told me candidly about all mine and who is my soul mate.  I am now able to understand why some of my relationships worked and why others just passed me by. I am excited about the future!! Thanks so much.”

-Sarah, Kansas City, Ks.

“Wow, what a reading we had together. I spoke with my deceased mother and cleared up so many things.  I now know who she is with in heaven and I was surprised she was with our dog Pepper and a deceased young nephew. She is taking care of him. Miss you MOM”

-Sally, Jacksonville, Fla.

” Adrienne was correct when she said I would run into Ryan during my Venus period.”  “I just turned around and he was next to me in the dairy aisle at Publix”. “We have been together ever since and are expecting our first child in November”  “Its a girl!”

-Andrea, Dunwoody, Ga.

“Excellent, wonderful woman! Picked up on me very well. I loved every second. I will be contacting her again, actually going to see her!”

Porsha, Atlanta, Ga.

“Reading went fabulous. The next day my boyfriend had a death unfortunately around him and Adrienne had predicted that. I will be back”

Millie, Cumming, Ga.

“Adrienne is a wonderful! Easy to talk to and very patient. Excited to see her future predictions come to fruitions, and has been spot on thus far in many aspects. Thank you always being there for me.”

Rumela, Cumming, Ga.

“My reading was fabulous!! She pinpointed my relationship exactly, even my current pregnancy and the illness of my mother.” “I am a regular customer.”

Antoinette, Johns Creek, Ga.

“Hey. You were right. Had a parasite that caused a gluten and dairy intolerance called Giardiasis. Also about the job. They called on 9-24, you said around the 20th. You are amazing! Thank you”

Melody, Walnut Creek, Ca.

“The job you predicted came true. Even my boss is the man you saw. Thanks for the life coaching. ”

Heather, Dallas, Tx.

“I would like to tell you now, that he found me more than month ago and we are together again. Exactly like you said, just a little earlier.”

-Lucia, Stone Mountain, Ga.


“My love of my life showed up just as Adrienne described him.” He is a little fatter than visualized but nevertheless the same man.” I feel he is the one for me.”

Madison, Dunwoody, Ga.

“Adrienne was able to connect with my deceased father. She picked up on his favorite foods and a message from him. She also gave me clarity about how he died. I always felt it was the hospitals fault and now I know for sure’

Amy, Raleigh, NC.


“Psychic readings by Adrienne are amazing. She tells you so much detail even down to your future husbands eye color and his personality. She also reads on your personality type and what your calling and life path is. Adrienne is a must do for the New Year!!

-Keisha, Atlanta, GA.


“Adrienne, you were absolutely spot on with your readings. I sent him a message and he said to call him. He said you can call me anytime and you don’t have to come up with an excuse. I am so excited.”

-Karyn, Atlanta, GA.


“I won $150 + on March 2 from a scratch off and Fantasy Five. Four out of 5 numbers. First time ever. You’re spooky.”

-Jacquie, TAMPA, FL.

She predicted my job and what kind of job it would bend even what the building liked like. Very impressed as this sit something I can afford, but well worth the price.

-Amanda, Covington, GA


Adrienne is the bomb! She gave me a timeline up to 10 years from now. I have been chatting with her for 5 years and we are right on target with her predictions. I am a life long client!!!

-Penelope, La Grange, GA


She spoke to my dad who has passed over. Adrienne knew my dads favorite movie obsession. Off course tears flowed. My sister and I felt so close to dad again. Bring Kleenex.

Sally and Marie, Cumming, GA

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